The Ages


          Degrees of Tim3 



        The Son of God



1. At 33/6 my Father’s immortal spirit of Atom light had entered into me giving me Adam life.


                                                The Sun of Man


2. At 34/7 I AM surely an immortal walking Celestial God in the flesh of man under the Celestial God of the Heavenly 7 but a mortal no more.

                                                  The Servant


3. At 35/8 my eternal being is now fully activated, alive and at work within the Universal cycle where only the Strong shall survive.


The Priestly King

4. At 36/9 it is now TIM3 for the Sun in 10 to shine and lead the Numbered children of the nations 360 into the Universe through the 9 levitating Levitical constellations.



                                                          BABa 'TUNDE 

     “The Father Returns”


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