M33t M3 at the Mountain Top

The Revealing Saga of the TRU Genesis: The Discipline of Spiritual Metaphysics & Return of the 6-1080


I tell you that Israel has come. He is the father of Zion/Jerusalem and shall raise him up as the truth/Sun. For Israel is thy bodies/stars and thy head is thy spirit of gold in the dome of ZIon/Jerusalem.


There are no such as Psychics. If there were, then why haven't they informed you of M3...???


The planted seeds of the Lord grow to be wise indeed. For ye plants not foolish wicked weeds which beareth no fruit of enlightenment, as he gathers all which are internally enlightened spiritually-mentally.


How will ye gather the blind weeds which deny the word and signs that they read? Why would he bring up those blind ignorant who ignore his presence on earth?

Will he who does not read be saved? Will he not fail the class to be left behind?


Surely, if the Lord reveals his shining face with the word only the wise men will be able to see H.I.M. time travel in and outside the flesh of Man/Adam.


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