KING OF AGES: The Book of RA Jew 'EL's Paperback – November 17, 2019




The TRU body of the Lord are those enlightened people who keep his illuminating wisdom and way in the minds 3ye and as they have taken this mental journey with time to become jewels/kings of the new age. They have also stored themselves within the lords crowned historical house as his intellectual artistic properties of light. These are the multiplied spirit mental jewels/kings of multiple hues in this one wise Godly Universal body which stands with the statues of righteousness, justice, liberty, freedom and truth for all hues of mankind/humankind.As a people become balanced with the 3 living enlightening elements in the minds space, then the earth is also a balanced living lighting place with the elements of grace on her surface. However, if they are not then the earth will become hot with sunfire and to the dark water of the abyss they shall return. A jewel/king is rare and ra/raw in its internal integral shine as it is also a natural mental element which pours its balanced pureness of inner lighting gold onto the faces of humanity. In the image of the lord are all of those who have read and mentally become enlightened with the wisdom in the 4ths Book of Ra Jew 'El's. As the watcher sees with his minds 3ye and the knower remembers M3, the begining word and all the wonderful creations that are stored away within his recording ark/memory.Those altered minds 3yes who have seen and know M3, also have seen and know the lord's 3 faces of elements mentally as they are 1 3rd/4th in body with Water/Winter/The Father, Fire/The Sun-son/Summer, Air/Spirit/Spring and the Mother/Earth. The watery minds foundational mass is the dark church body of the lord which has become lightened mentally with the hallowed spirit of kingly wisdom. These are the 3 levitical elements that a priestly 3rd must mentally mold together with and in himself on the less traveled path to becoming a real Master/God King/Jew'El.


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