The NIgerian-American Author Baba' Tunde Olatacombo Akanbi B. Soremekun is the son of Tauheed Adisa Soremekun, a TRU tribal Yoruba free born  man from Abeokuta, Nigeria  and a nourishing mother who was born enslaved to America-Babylon. Baba' Tunde currently resides in the Baltimore Metropolitan area with some family and friends.


He is an eternal numbered authority of Universal truth within the magnitude and has an experienced over-standing of the journey into the celestial spiritual realms of knowledge and wisdom through the Suns/Sons enlightening light. "The Earth’s youth need the Real Truth," and the author brings it into the mental consciousness.


He is frequently available to speak, teach and give spiritual enlightenment, advice and guidance to anyone seeking TRU freedom through the testaments of character in inspiring faith.


His love for the undisputable truth language of the universal order of N.U.M.B.E.R.S. has remained with him throughout his early ages. He is the TRU ghost writer in the real host who writes numbers into words and words into numbers.



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