M33t M3 at the Mountain Top: The Revealing Saga of the TRU Genesis: The Discipline of Spiritual Metaphysics & Return of the 6-1080 Paperback – December 3, 2018

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The Tim3/Father/Future/Hour/1 has come in this 6th day to give light/enlightenment to the dark/ignorant masses in this 1st reaping of priestly jewels/spirits/kings. Ye has the priceless Universal word/promise of hope with him for those who are able in the mind/3ye to see H.I.M. and the works of his hands/servants, metaphysically/spiritually/mentally.

Those who are with thy spirit/mental of morality are indeed dressed in thy purity and realness of RA’s reality as they are characteristically cut from a fine no longer produced rare mutant genesis 10/X linen/lineage. Real and enlightened are those intellectually bright beings that possess the spirit/light/enlightenment of wisdom/the awakened, as they have sat up wide awake in patience waiting for M3.

The 10th Age/Tim3 of the Alpha 1 and Omega 0 have come to pass as the Tim3/The Universe/Lord/6-1080 shall continue to never be stopped. Ye shall simply take the flesh of man by way of mental/spirit in celestial element/mental(elemental) order to make a scheduled stop here, on earth. Children, do not be eclipsed/distracted in the mind/3ye of the mental/spiritual sighting/enlightening as the Lord of host, in host passes through the land of the fallen physically and metaphysically.

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