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“Blessed be the man who knows within his dimensional mental that there shall be no TRU salvation for those who do not have the spirit sense (36) to know to follow into the Sun/Son(Red Sea of Purifying fire), just as there was none for any of the ignorant(blind) who did not follow the way given to Moses who were left behind.

The truth is within Isreal as all TRU men shall be made of the truth. Water(The Father) and Fire(The Sun/Son) brings 4th the Airs(Holy spirit sons of atom) into the land who are within the hybrid sons to lift up the king servant man on earth.

The hybrid sons of men are able to see, but the blind are in total darkness and cannot see the light/enlightenment of the day (The Sun/Son).

The Father shall reap and the righteously ripe shall be picked and taken back up while the dead in the darkness (Eve) of the Tru knowledge of The SerapH.I.M. 7 Figure God will die again in their sleep never to be awakened.

Honor to the Tru Kings within Zion, because he Isreal, as it is he who walks with his 36(9)in sacrifice.

He is a TRU man in spirit, flesh and blood with the Universes (Fathers)purpose to complete. The king lion over Judah, light and life shall proudly carry out the Universes (The Fathers)mission, test and plan as a man.

ALL OF THE SONS of Atom/Adam shall stand stable and be ABLE/ABEL under their Father’s hand”



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