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Reptilian Brilliance

In a world with an imbalanced identity crisis people will not come together with those who are idealistically and identically stealing and portraying false images of them. Wise men will not get along with ignorant men who act as lying, thieving cunning/conniving women but also want to be them.

The fool who pretends to be wise will not be a favor to actual wise men. A real jewel/king will expose the beast of darkness/ignorance with enlightening wisdom/vision. Ye will not allow the serpent to cover itself and any other innocent with more darkness. If the truth shall come to light then the righteous shall bring it into the minds/3yes existence.

A infectious plague is used to gentrify/separate you as the old/ancestors who know the truth are removed. The young undeveloped minds are left behind in a world/void of darkness to suffer without a clue of what has happened to their future/father and mother/earth. Confused to knowing whether the father/future is coming or going as the father/future is the light/spirit/sun which sits high glowing bright with wisdom within the dark mind/3ye of time/the Universe.

If you want to know about aliens. I tell you that there are none other than those that mind/time travel by way of light/spirit/mental. Reptilian is simply a leveled way of thinking as mental dragons think highly while the mindless snake thinks slow/low if at all. People fabricate stories and the artifacts to go along with them in order to claim a false eternal existence in the blind minds/3yes of those in fear.

These are people who make bad choices and have fallen to the ignorance of mortality from the immortal spiritual/mental paradise of wisdom within the mind/3ye of the Lord/time just as Satan had done before them.


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I tell you that when the word/lord is revealed that only the focused, cleansed mind/3ye with clarity will be able to see him coming through the distractive dim lit cloud of mind/3ye controlling confus


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