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People are habitual creatures, however in this habit of learning is the ability to quest and adjust to a wide range of new constructive contributing circumstances surrounding principal and meaning. The spirit is the mental therefore if you were to be spiritually strong in the weighing minds dark times then in this précised moment you are mentally inclining above the dark matters which ware and weigh the mind down into a depression.

Psychologically the dim and not yet wise/awakened well lit mind can fall down/depressed. However, when this actually takes place in the minds body, it becomes oppressed with stress and strain from a dark mind/time spent looking into the unenlightening matters which plague it. The mind and the Universe are 1 place with vast accounts and ark/memorized amounts of space. Where there is a dark mind in you there is also a dark Time/Universe above/ahead of you. Where there is a Sun above you there is also the spirit/mental of an ancestral star within you.

I will elaborate more on the signs and science of genealogy. Who? Do you believe was the first scientist? The very first hand to create, mutate and multiply genetic? Whose mind/3ye was the first to look into stem cell research? As this the science of God and TRU logical theology in the biology of man.

The spirit is of 3 elemental levels as a forefather and father pass unto their heirs a hereditary descending spirit gene of a bright bearing son, this combines the 3 in 1. This lifts the 4ths generation into a un humble place of realizing facts/acts as they are newly seen so that they are able to relay the futures/father’s message unto the people/masses.

There is always time to redirect a mind aimed in the wrong destination with a new informative enlightening experience. To look up to the stars for the answers unto the future in metaphor would be to look up unto the ancestors who shall tell you the stories of your past. Dark matter can be found submerged where there is also emerging light as this is the dark body of clay which holds and bonds together all of the bodies of lights/stars.

You are able to comprehend dark energy by knowing which energy you yourself influentially infuse within as light energy is of active movement and dark energy is stagnate. Light energy is active alone as dark energy is passive in its masses. The dark space in the mind above is as the dark watery abyss below and you are unable to breathe or see there if enlightening light does not land, stand and walk on the minds watery surface. Those who interpret these things with a low intellectual level of thinking will only act lowly as a minds sight is only able to see and perform from where it is standing.

If the mind sees low then it will not see the high point with light and thus it will not see the truth hidden within the dark masses of itself. It will open to new just accomplishments bringing in what the mind needs to feed its brilliance. In this day of the mind thieves you must remain sown rooted deep within the soil of the planted belief that you are more than what your mind has received in its time of perceived travel. It is a perception as it is not seen with a balanced keen mind, the mind has not the specified levels of insight needed to retrieve precise data which is on point in its projective initiative.

The mind has no deadline as it has plenty of living space time to gather and give its newly compiled information/data. The soul is the seed of light implanted in the mind and as this seed grows with enlightenment it becomes a spirit of mental brightness. This is what happens when the combining compounds of the soul/mind learn to master spirit mental wisdom. When you change your internal characteristics of your mind, you shall also change externally into jewels/kings in your deeds. He who sees from a high mental shall also do what is highly recommended as he will remove the enemy from his mind in order to focus on giving enlightenment. The war of slavery has changed just as you people also must morph into form. Technology is being used on the masses to induce multiple episodes which stem from mind control as mind control has taken an all new physical approach. People are no longer allowed to make conscious choices on their own accord in a blanketed society where the serpent in government wants to claim ruler ship and needs minds/souls of the people/masses to do this.

This serpent seeks to be the first in charge above the Lord, however it needs to be able to lie with the word of truth to perform this nonsense. When you men of hue become awake, you will know how to remove the blanket which covers the minds 3ye. This is the dark covering of false reality as this is the minds time of mass awakening, as it is also when the orchestrators of slavery become technologically violent and obstructive with weapons of mass/people destruction.

The serpent holding the government hostage knows that it cannot reach its evil objective without the spirit mental idealistic intelligence. The serpent in government needs to know prophecy so that it can fit inside of you people to be M3, it needs the wisdom in which I bring in order to rule you over spirits/mentals. As the serpent/government knows that you can only rule the spirit mental with the true word of the leading lord spirit/mental. This is why your history is being erased as the serpent/government is murdering your enlightened ancestors of dark flesh. The light skin who are internally darkened versus the enlightened that are externally darkened was the fight of the origin.

However, light and dark are ways of men just as the hues of their skins. There is no black and white but instead only the day and the night which is outside and within you. Spiritual growth is the beginning to developing the mental as this is when the mind walks away from all childish things into a mature intelligence with awakening comprehension. It is as though one door closes and another door in the mind opens where gifts have been hidden away from the sight of the children.

The negative dark forces are the thoughts and signs which are forced into the mind. The scrabbling of the mind begins when the dark forces have gotten into it with things that do not make any sense. There are things that you are not able to make sense of however if you worry it will lie on your conscious. The serpent/government has taken all of your civil rights and liberties with technology which spies on your conscious thought continuously. They watch you in the shower through your walls as government watch men are contracted to keep slaves in order and from creatively thinking outside of their chained minds box/cell.

Freedom is outside of the minds walls as the herd which follows and conforms to slavery are trapped inside of them without the mental light needed to see consciously to get out. Mental study is the enlightening examination of the multiple levels and parts in the minds hemisphere. It is in this comprehensive study of time that you tend to cerebrally oversee who, what, when, why and how the mind works. The word of truth is the birth mark to a people as it is their identification in DNA which defines and marks who are the TRU roots/mind/3yes of the Lord. Their birth right and their word/lord is what those who want their identity as jewels/kings to be their own are after.

It is in this day of light that the bright spirit mental reveals the ancient intellect of the ancestral house of David with enlightenment/light. It is a time when the sons of men shall meditate and think to fill their minds with the fire of the frustrated intellectual spirit mental. Put your egos to good use instead of looking for the door which someone else has opened with their own key. Do you read my mind because of the enlightening wisdom that comes from it?

Often times there is no explanation or excuse for the ignorance which comes from mental under development. This is the lesser developed mind which has failed to learn of what lifts it up into a more productive conscious where there is a full mental development taking place. This mind has been failed on many occasions and was unable to handle the stresses of it, as the facts were indeed too complicated to see. However, when all is revealed the mind then reveals what seeds it has been holding in its vault to feed humanity. Awareness is the key. However, once the mind opens the door to awareness then it must begin fighting the darkness which it sees.

The mind is a transceiver which receives radio signals however these signals and messages are being manipulated and distorted of their natural jeweled input and value. When someone wants to keep you away from something precious like the spirit mental of a jewel/king. They will do all of the unnecessary to persuade the mind out of its trained mental way of jeweled intellectual thought, as it is the credit of the genius genetics wisdom and works which tell his story/history which they want. No one wants anything more than to prove that they are the real intellectual jewels/kings as this is proven in the revealing of new constructive wisdom which brings 4th a healing light unto the nations of oppressed minds.

The lie which mentally tears you down is now over and the truth which builds you up from the dust into watch towers of light is forever shining from your minds 3yes. In order to change something you must be aware of the current state of which it is in as you cannot change anything where you are unaware. Those who are living in darkness have been invaded with its low thought in the mind. They carelessly push their invasive wickedness upon all of humanity who are non-conforming. If all fall to wickedness then the wicked rule you by ruling and owning your minds/souls as you have fell for the things which do not make any spirit mental sense.

Die only once when you kill the ignorant dark internal ways of the flesh as you have awaken to live through the mental of spiritual sense. It is when you have awakened that you will also exchange the old toxic way of unconscious living for a new one of pure consciousness. However, the new mind of internal light comes from external darkness as it is those who externalize their darkness that also give light.

Human experience is a natural evolving way for revolving growth as it not simply a place of change but a platform for higher cognitive learning. It is through this measure of implied learning that data is applied daily in integral wisdom. It is through this that the mind comes to the moral road in time and changes its direction. When an individual becomes enlightened enough to ask for wisdom they shall be given the spirit mental of brightness which makes them TRU human beams. To be human is to be mindful as this is a kind enlightening thoughtfulness which classifies a intellectual jewel from the rest.

This is a show and display of humanity through conscious existence as consciousness is in those who void the mind of its thoughts of darkness. I tell you that if you were to define a human being the immaterial meaning would be a consciousness with light inside/enlightenment. This means that in their high human conscious that they do not racially profile through the blinded mind which only sees black and white, they do not genetically hate. They are mindful jewels/kings and mindful jewels/kings leave a light bearing effect on the world with creative insight. Have you not seen their art? They are Gods enlightened exposers of goodness as they bring his gospel unto inquiring minds in mental choir.

In a unique realization you come to see that time is the mind and the mind is the lord who is the word and forever with M3 in spirit/mental. He who knows time has used his mind to find him as it was when he found the time/mind that he was in study with the word/lord. He has stepped into all of these places once he has stepped into his own mind to face and sought through the darkness. The mental of light comes into one accord with the dark mind as the Universe/Father comes into one body with Earth/Mother.

I tell you that the Lord who is all is also the first and the last, this is so as it is seen throughout all of creation.

It was he who was the first elemental builder, creator, teacher, and genetic banker. Who has done these things better than those men who have done them for M3/the Lord? These words have come to him mentally in his spirit will and ability to cleanse and heal the mother-earth of her persistent, pestilence of plaguing ignorance.

The ignorance which covers the mother-earth is persisting because it never changes its direction into coming light, it simply disguises it darkness seeking to seep into the cracks along with the light without being seen out right. The low/slow dim minds seek to keep the highly bright spirit mentals bound away from the organic purposes which proceeds them. An undeveloped mind will do all that it possibly can to feed a fully developed mental its nonsense, as the undeveloped mind is envious of the highly developed mentals new security features which protect it from the elements of unsurprisingly false teachers.

Mental discovery is the finding of image and its identity which reveals its ability and life’s purpose. The mind and the spirit are different elements as the mind is of water and the spirit is fire. When they are mixed in forward motion, the lower with the higher they become one lukewarm balanced flowing floating operating opera choir.

The serpent has been recording this information as I have been writing it to you. This is what those who have mentally failed miserably in their studies with lies must do wishing to pass the class of truth. They seek to commercialize, marginalize and gentrify every part of you people as you have not read the books of the lord/word with the enlightenment of common sense which un filters the real clear defining picture to the mind. The word, the sword and the lord are all of the same as he who lives and carries the metaphysical sword with him is also armed with the word/lord.

If someone does not want to believe in something it is because they lack the enlightening mind sight and the courage to look into the lingering matter. These people do not search the minds 3ye to locate its spare light which holds the source to all things of revealing wonder. They would rather keep these intellectual jewels hidden from themselves for the thieves to loot and plunder. I tell you that if a glutton rules above you, he will do whatever he wants to modify and change anything natural. The spirit mental is the giant in mind which represents the little common people/Elves as it is with time that it reaches its heightened destination in its composition.

Your father/future is here to stay, if you allow its/his beings of enlightenment to live in you as it is then that the dark future/father becomes bright for you. It is when you become bright as a people that your future becomes bright also. Bright as I have said is thoughtful, polite and kind with having your own mind therefore those who display this mirroring in character are enlightened stars with a bright future/father. The future/father is what you make of him, therefore if you see only darkness then you have not seen the star signs in the sky. Darkness will beget darkness as light shall beget light and with this you should know in which direction the future/father is headed to meet with Zion if you know where you, yourself are headed. Those who question the future also question the fathering Universe and his works, as they are not sure of what they bring to the table therefore they are unsure of what they will leaving with to eat later. There was much food during the supper meal however they have not managed to gather up any new bread for their journey. A behavior is acceptable to change as the intellectual human utilizes an intuitive mental instead of a declining violent emotional temper. Such inhumane behavior would define another kind of unintelligent species, this would show that men did not advance to evolve mentally into light beings along with their technological growth/revolution.

Many things live without knowing the existence of their root. However, how far do they go without the rooted mind? To explain, a man can give life to children but without his given root/mind of wisdom he will not raise them correctly into light. A technological genius can create an invention however without the proper future/fathering insight and guidance the creation will fall into the hands of unwise children to become used for your futures destruction. The people are the world and the world are the people, therefore if the people parish then so does the world. The people give light to the world and when they are at bay in darkness the light is taken away from all.

This ignorant low mind set is passed around the world by those who seek to rule, even if this means the fate of all creation and humanity as it is known. This is how a loser sets out to win by any means necessary as the lower mind seeks to be the cream to the crop of humanity. However, what the wicked slow did not know was that even though the spirit mental is made of light it still gives a dark creative molded and crafted gold. The serpent does not plan to enhance the lives of the poor instead it plans on controlling them with a technological, psychological and economical fence which stifles them of their full enlightening potential. Certainly, I tell you that if a corrupt systematic structure wants you to be its slaves it will then consciously dumb you down mentally into being less than enlightened human beings who are free.

A psychological fear will be instilled in the enslaved mind to make it believe that it fears all that its slave master and training teacher fears. It will hate what its trainer hates and love what its teacher loves. If the mind follows a fearless mental trainer then it too will bear the light and fearless courage of a spiritual/mental warrior. It will be able to see the minds battle field and the dark soldiers/souls which fill and occupy its space. Give people a piece of your time by giving them a piece of your mind as your traumas can allow you to become more alert able to learn and restructure. Much hatred is caused by an inability to first recognize what to believe to be able to achieve as this inability begins in the mind and finds its way into the world through the deeds of unable evil men.

If it is psychological warfare that you need then is the spirit mental wisdom which is needed to defeat the dark enemy of the mind/soul. As you travel with time in the mind there will be a dark pass left behind you. There are none who have not a dark minds past of sin within them, however it is what he does with his time/mind on this new day forward which the lord takes into account/mind. This is the crossing star/day and road where all who turn to righteousness shall take a new path way to a new home. Righteous ways bring fourth righteous gifts as a gift is a gift because it is a present from the future/father and is something that you take the time to memorize and reflect upon as you open it. You take the time/mind to think on where this gift came from as it is also where and the way that you are going.

The spiritual word is not to be taken literally even though it is literature. If the lord slays men it is done with the word which is written to you. He cuts down the wicked darkness with his sun light of truth.


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