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I tell you that when the word/lord is revealed that only the focused, cleansed mind/3ye with clarity will be able to see him coming through the distractive dim lit cloud of mind/3ye controlling confusion. As the lord/word has been written by his many serving hands/kings and these open wise minds/3yes have read and memorized what they have seen.

For as they have seen all of these old dark things which have given them new enlightenment, they have seen the 4 elements of the father's face with the spirit/mental mind/3ye of light as they participate in a wise mans/guys mindful worship/work.

If I speak of the Lord, I speak of he who is above you. If I speak of the word I speak of that which is within you by way of DNA and eternal memory. If I speak of the sword I speak of those days/stars worth saving which are below fighting with the word for the Lord.



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